Recovery Outreach Services, LLC

"Recovery is just one call away."

1925 E. Bennett, Suite L, Springfield, Missouri 65804

Phone 417-823-9691 Fax 417-881-5121



Our Staff

Our full-time and contract counselors have more than 50 years of combined clinical experience.

Owner/Executive Director:

Nina Smart-Dixon, CRADC, SQP, CCJP, MARS, MRSS-P


Willie Carter, CRADC, CCJP, MRSS-P 

Mary Stanley, CRADC*, MARS, SQP-R 

*Pre-Sentence investigations, with or without a court order.

Julie Deines, BS  

Peer Support/Education:
Aaron Goodwin, MRSS-P

Mitchell Choi, BS, MAADC II

Office Manager:
Kenya Adams, BS 

IT/Data Manager/Clinical Technician:

Mark A. Dixon, BS